Samsung Galaxy S Sensation

There is a good Smartphone industry trend: manufacturers began making their errors. A good example are the two newly announced Smartphone: HTC and Samsung Galaxy S Sensation 2011 Edition. The first represents the original evolution of HTC Desire-HD, and the second, in full compliance with title updated Samsung Galaxy S example both see what mistakes were made in previous smartphones and how they are corrected in the new.

Battery. No battery is the biggest and perhaps the greatest scourge of Android smartphones. Rare Smartphone capable with the active use of living for more than 24 hours, and withstands more than most. HTC Desire HD in this respect was very very sad – small battery at 1230 Ma * h very bad harmony with the great 4.3 proÅžorlivym SLCD-display. HD is not allocated and Desire – it had to charge at work. Galaxy S, despite less voracious SAMOLED-smaller screen too long life boast couldn’t – full day, and further to the charge. Here engineers worked on glory: Sensation battery rose to 1520 Ma * h, and power consumption down slightly – affects optimization platform. The Galaxy S 2011 Edition able to battery too impressive 1650 Ma * h, but here grew around 150 Ma * h Voltages everywhere the same: 3.7, in total work time should definitely change both smartphones for the better.

Screen. Here only the HTC, but advanced Samsung Galaxy S is severely and did not require the permission 800h480: 4-inch screen looks quite decent. And here at 4.3 are choppy, namely the ratio of screen/permission was the Desire to be a star HD screen dimensions remained unchanged, and screen resolution increased to qHD also 960h540 points – among Android-Smartphone this permission only from Motorola 4 g Atrix.

Version Of Android. If you remember, Galaxy S was born to elderly and slow Android 2.1 and 2 HD was limited version of Desire. Moreover, HTC has not yet released a version of Sense 2.3 for Android Gingerbread, therefore even a brand new Incredible S went out with Android 2.2. Now manufacturers have died: and Sensation, and Galaxy S 2011 Edition will come with Android 2.3. So all better design new OS directly flattering immediately after purchase.

Processor frequency. Both smartphones last generation frequency was strictly limited to 1 Ghz – period. Those who are too lazy to Desire HD or Galaxy S useful program Set CPU, are well aware that Samsung Hummingbird, and Qualcomm MSM8255 excellent to 1.3 Ghz were dispersed and if properly rebuild your kernel is something else and low voltage. Processor speed in Sensation staff had grown to 1.2, and the Galaxy S 2011 rate even higher – 1.4 Ghz. Accordingly, all will work a little faster, please.

Version Bluetooth. Not that this was someone really need to, but must follow progress and Bluetooth v3.0 appeared for quite some time, as well as Smartphones are festering years somehow, Sensation, and the Galaxy S 2011 finally appeared the third version, so now wireless headphones are not “its” when moving away for a couple of metres from your phone.

There are, of course, and other positive developments, but this is probably the main ones. While outwardly little changed themselves smartphones, except that the Galaxy S glossy back cover has been replaced by Matt, thank you very much for that Samsung. The Corps became a Sensation that it has solid also exclusively beneficial.

In General, developers have integrated basic mistakes and user comments and frankly they are corrected. If a couple of iterations will be held in the same way we can hope for great smartphones with long battery life and performance.


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