Commtiva Sola: Solar Powered Phone

Commtiva Sola: Solar Powered Phone

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For many mobile phone users, battery life is a big issue. erhaps they live or work in an area with poor access to electricity, or perhaps they want to get away from it all, but still need to keep in touch in case of an emergency.

The Commtiva Sola is designed for just this market. As the name suggests, the Sola is a solar-powered mobile phone that manages to deliver a basic but practical feature set to customers.

 Commtiva Sola The main selling point here is the solar panel on the back. Commtiva say that the Sola can provide 40 minutes of talktime and 39 hours of standby time on a two hour solar charge. We guess that your results may vary depending on just how sunny it is, but these seem to be pretty good figures. Of course you can also charge the Sola in a conventional way, in this case through a mini-USB connector.

Commtiva are not a company that we have heard of before, and up until now they appear to have been involved primarily in contract manufacturing and outsourced design. The solar technology has been supplied by Intivation of the Netherlands who specialise in designing solar cells for small devices.

This isn't the only solar powered phone that has been announced recently. Intivation have also worked

with ZTE to produce the Coral 200 Solar handset, and Samsung recently showed off their Blue Earth device. But out of the three, the Commtiva Sola seems to strike the best balance between features and energy efficiency.

The Sola is a fairly basic but quite practical handset. It has a 1.8" 128

 Commtiva Sola
x 160 pixel TFT display and a speakerphone, MIDI ringtones and apparently can even play back MP3 and AAC files, although we do not know how much memory the phone has. There's a 2.5mm audio socket, and space for 100 contacts and 50 SMS messages in the internal memory.


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